Beware of Scams

Published: 08 November 2020

Financial scam reported by Martin Lewis:

MARTIN LEWIS, the financial journalist and campaigner, was on hand to answer questions from members of the public yesterday, during the ITV show 'This Morning'.
"You may get a call from someone purporting to be the police or security service or a trusted person, or even pretending to be from my organisation, telling you something like, 'Your bank has been hijacked. The bank staff are in on it - don't tell the bank staff'." Martin went on to assure viewers that bank staff would not call customers and push them to move money urgently.

"They're not going to ask you to make payments in that way and ask for account details," he insisted. "And if they say call us back on the bank number, don't put the phone down and then pick up and redial the right number. Because they could be hanging on and play a ringtone for you."

This is a sophisticated scam. They can play a trick with your phone, so be wary. Do contact your bank, but phone a friend first. This ensures the line is clean. Then ring your bank using a number you know to be correct - don't use a number the scammers give you. The real bank will not ask you to make a payment.