Annual Parish Meeting - advance notice

Published: 06 April 2021

This year our Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Thursday 29 April at 7:30pm using Zoom.

The Annual Parish Meeting is where your parish council reports back on the previous year. Any registered elector of the parish may speak at this meeting.

The main topics to be covered:
 Future plans and progress for Pynham and Hawthorn meadows.
 The Neighbourhood Plans.
 Future plans for the A259 for cyclists and pedestrians.
 The return of face-to-face parish council meetings.
 Your questions and comments.

Much of the meeting will be given over to the recently distributed feedback booklet giving the results of the survey on the future of the parish as conducted last year. Where should houses be built? Where should they not be built? How many should be built? What do you want your Parish Council to be doing?

Invites to this meeting are available by request from our Parish Clerk. A full agenda will be available nearer the time.

Philip MacDougall
Chair, Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council