Vaccine Champion update

Published: 10 May 2021

You can access your vaccine appointment now if :
  • you're aged 40 or over
  • you'll turn 40 before 1 July 2021
This is quite a long update - sorry, but there are a few notes to mention as the system uncovers new problems, issues and unforeseen queries!
You may have found a problem getting a local jab on the national system linked below, and we are told, many are being offered centres quite far away. 
This is a local supply issue, and we are told is short term and to keep trying.
However, we now understand that the Westgate Centre will not have any Astra Zenica vaccines available for at least 3 weeks, and unfortunately, does not have the facilities to handle the Pfizer vaccine. Therefore, at Westgate, the only appointments available over the next few weeks at least are going to be mainly SECOND JAB appointments.
Pfizer is still available in West Sussex but will only be offered via the GP surgery, and locally, therefore, only at Tangmere and Selsey.
West Sussex does have a small allocation of the Moderna Vaccine, but this is only being offered at the Brighton mass vaccination centre.
GPs, locally, are focusing primarily on 2nd Doses but, some Astra Zenica vaccines MAY become available via GPs IF it is not required for 2nd doses. GP surgeries may therefore re-start offering some 1st doses at Tangmere and Selsey, but cannot be accessed at Westgate.
Some people have been offered appointments by GP surgeries but have subsequently found a slot via the national centres (Westgate locally) and are not turning up for their appointments at Tangmere and Selsey.
If possible, please cancel appointments (if you can get hold of the surgery - difficult though it is) rather than just not turning up.
Please note that even in these circumstances, NO VACCINE IS WASTED. There are teams moving vaccine around daily to areas needed and GP surgeries and mass centres offer last minute appointments where they can if vaccine remains unused. Most of it is moved or simply put back in the fridge!
Finally, please keep a note of your 2nd Jab appointment date and time since there will be no follow-up txt or reminders sent out.
Do please call me or email if you have a problem. However, I don't answer calls with NO CALLER ID for safety reasons so if you use that system, please leave me your number and I will get back to you. Obviously, if there is no ID - I can't call you back!
Keep safe and healthy for these last few stages of our Lockdown release phasing and hopefully, we'll all be out and about safely very soon!

Lynda Hunter

07968 296759