Neighbourhood Plan Strategy Consultation

Published: 14 January 2022

Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council has now published the first part of a draft Neighbourhood Plan which is entitled Interim Strategy Document. A lengthy document, its purpose is to establish the future direction of further growth within the parish, providing a framework to be used by developers and District Council. We need this document because we are facing a huge problem: the District Council requires Chidham, Hambrook and Nutbourne East to take a total of 500 new dwellings (maybe reduced to 400). If we refuse that number or fail to provide a Neighbourhood Plan that does not accommodate those new homes, the District Council tells us that its own Planning Department will determine all new developments within the parish.

The Interim Strategy Document clearly states that the parish is an inappropriate location for such a large number of new homes, but it is not in the hands of the Parish Council to determine housing numbers - only to provide evidence as to where any new homes might be best located. Therefore, the Interim Strategy Document has been produced and which will become part of the Neighbourhood Plan, and if passed by a simple majority in a parish referendum, will have legal authority.

The document is available for any resident of the parish to read, and I am encouraging you to do just that. Accompanying the document is a questionnaire. We want to know your views on the document and any changes you feel to be essential. We know that, if you don’t like what you read – but bear in mind the threat held over us by the District Council – you will not pass the Neighbourhood Plan in that future referendum. This will leave us defenceless against developers.


                                                      See the Neighbourhood Plan Strategy document

                                                      and the Consultation Questionnaire


In addition:
* A hard copy from any Chidham & Hambrook Parish Councillor
* Our village Post Office on Broad Road
* On request from our clerk, Bambi Jones, Tel: 07986 395253 or email:

Hard copies of the Interim Strategy Document and the questionnaire will also be available at the meeting in St Wilfrid’s.

The main points made in the Interim Strategy Document and where to return the questionnaire are carried on a flyer soon to be delivered to every householder in the parish.

Deadline for Completing the Strategy Document Questionnaire 
The deadline for completing the questionnaire in response to the Strategy Document is 14 February. Questionnaires can be return to the Parish Clerk or any member of the Parish Council. It is important that we get as many responses as possible. Your responses will inform the Neighbourhood Plan, with the higher the number of responses giving greater strength to the Neighbourhood Plan once it has passed a parish referendum. It is the Neighbourhood Plan that, over the next few decades will give protection to the parish against inappropriate developments.

Philip MacDougall
Chair, Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council