Update on Pallant Homes Appeal

Published: 08 August 2022

Key dates:

  • The first day - Thursday 18 August. This is the most important day for residents to attend to show strength of feeling. If you are intending to speak but can’t attend on the day set aside for this (26 August) you can do so on this day.
  • The sixth day- Friday 26 August. This is for local people who wish to speak.
What to do if you want to speak:
  • Either email your intention to: tim.salter@planninginspectorate.gov.uk or state that you wish to do so on the first day (or someone on your behalf if you can’t be there
  • Give a clean copy of your statement (ie no notes or scribbles) to the CDC Planning Officer on the day or email in advance to: nmartin@chichester.gov.uk.
  • This is to ensure that all residents’ submissions heard can be included as evidence and the Inspector can refer to them. If she has to make notes, she is unlikely to be able to listen.
  • Be calm and measured but passionate.
Key considerations:
  • The main focus will be the reasons for refusal: landscape, ecology and impact on the AONB.
  • Whilst increased traffic, lack of infrastructure and services are important to us they carry less weight as planning arguments. This is the same Inspector who concluded that Scant Road West was a sustainable location for housing
  • Try not to object to something that could be mitigated e.g. the school is full but 50% come from out of the catchment area.
  • BUT speak with passion about how this development would affect YOU
The Inquiry will run from 18 August until 2 September. The dates 18/19 August are at Chichester Harbour Hotel, North Street (nearest car park Northgate) and after this at Chichester District Council Offices, East Pallant (nearest car park East Pallant).

We will be running the Bourne Community bus on the first day, leaving at 9:00am and stopping at the Hambrook Stores, St Wilfrids Church and the top of Chidham Lane. If you would like to grab a place, please let the Clerk know by emailing clerk@chidhamandhambrook-pc.gov.uk.

Thanks to all those who are supporting us. The Parish Council will be doing their utmost to support CDC in defending this appeal. Parish Councillors will be present throughout the Inquiry for any guidance needed.