Chidham, Hambrook and Nutbourne East Residents Association (CHANE RA)

CHANE RA, a residents’ association formerly known as (HDRA), was originally formed in 1989 to help provide a collective local voice mainly on planning issues affecting the Parish. The association is now much more focused on the social aspect of this semi-rural Parish and aims to help bring together all residents of the three villages located within the Parish. If necessary it can also canvass its members’ opinions on planning and other similar issues and advise the Parish Council accordingly.

CHANE RA is governed by a constitution, is non-political, non-denominational, and is a not-for-profit organisation. We have an elected general committee which meets monthly and arrange an Annual General Meeting open to all residents of the Parish. Information about upcoming events and any pressing buy gabapentin issues are circulated in a flyer or newsletter delivered to all residents of the Parish.

CHANE RA is funded by its members and this allows for the organisation of social events and action to be taken on matters that concern our community and environment. If you would like to join the association our current subscription rates are as follows: £5.00 for one year, and £10.00 for three years – all rates apply per household.

New members are always most welcome and for further information and membership details please contact:

Chair David Rodgers
Tel: 01243 574074
Acting Membership Secretary Vivien Gowlett