Bourne Bus Project

Published: 08 September 2021


Chidham & Hambrook Parish Council has agreed to support a local bus project that will serve Thorney Island and the Bourne villages. Funded through grants and with considerable backing from Thorney Island barracks, the parish council will help support operational costs with a sum £2,000 and, in each following year £1,000.

A proviso has been added that the Parish Council must have equal participation with all other bodies involved in the project, subject to quarterly reviews during the first year of operation to ensure that residents of the parish are content with the service. The service will be free and will work on a booking system.

To ensure the project’s success we would like your response to the following questions:

1. Do you think you would make use of the bus once it becomes available? YES/NO

If the answer is yes to the above:

2. To which local villages or places would you want to travel?

3. Would you prefer a minibus service seat booking website at launch

4. On which days would you use the service? Please state days, times and main reason.

5. Would you be prepared to volunteer as a driver - free training to drive the minibus would be given.

Please send answers to questions to the Parish Clerk at