RAVEN - Residents against Vehicle Excessive Noise

Published: 21 March 2022

A new group called “Raven” which stands for “Residents against Vehicle Excessive Noise” has been set up in the Chichester District South of the Downs.

The aim is to work with the police and authorities to gather data on the problem of anti-social riding and driving so that the police can better target their resources. The group has put together an online form that it hopes that residents from all over Chichester District to the south of the Downs will use to register and record their concerns available here

A paper version of the form is available from your Local Parish Council. Please return your paper form to: Parish Clerk, Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council, 6 Woodlands Park, Main Road Yapton, Arundel BN18 0EZ.

Please take the time to fill in the form and report all occasions of noisy vehicles. We need to report noise on a frequent basis as otherwise the police will presume that there isn’t a problem. The police help those communities who help themselves.

Thank you for your cooperation and help.

For more details of the Raven Group please contact: The Parish Clerk, Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council on clerk@chidhamandhambrook-pc.gov.uk.